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Dolphins Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture had its debut in the mid 80s. Prior to that my father only made wall hangings, tables and occasionally standing sculptures. Garden sculpture also served a niche for people who couldn’t afford to buy expensive art. My father likely sold more than a million dollars worth of garden sculpture until his retirement.

The very first garden design was an angel. Next came butterflies, frogs & hummingbirds. As a young man I provided input and had a lot to do with the design and fabrication of these sculptures. The dolphins came a little later and was my favorite.  My father sold a significant number of them but they never reached the fame of the angles or the butterflies.

This most recent dolphin fabrication was made of a much thicker steel. It was also enlarged slightly and as a result required a newly designed mounting post. This one is already sold but if you would like one more are available.



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