Gary Berger

Gary Berger, son of Raymond Berger (1929-2017) continues to carry his father’s “torch” and further his father’s legacy as a prominent metal sculptor and artist. Gary learned at the age of four how to hold an acetylene torch and forge small items out of metal. All his life, Gary grew up in a family full of artists. His mother, Elizabeth, was an accomplished oil painter and his grandmother, Shirley Berger, owned an art studio and taught hundreds of students oil painting in Brooklyn New York from circa 1930-1970s.

Gary Berger worked part time at his father’s shop while attending college at Towson State University from 1988-1991. During this time Gary learned the details of the trade and was allowed to contribute his artistic input to many of his father’s designs and fabrication processes. Some of Gary’s major contributions included “The Humming Bird”, “The Golden Angel”, “The Prince Frog”, “The Cheap Leaf”, “Dolphins”, “Ducks” & “The Bonsai Tree”.

Gary Berger graduated Towson State University cum laude in 1991. At that time Gary had opportunities to continue his education in graduate school but decided to instead to pursue his true passion, the martial arts. In addition  to doing metal sculpture, Gary owns and operates a successful martial arts and fitness facility in Catonsville, Maryland called the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy. Gary’s school has been in business since 1995 and it’s success has allowed him to dedicate his time to his true passion – metal sculpture.

Gary never forgot an important lesson that his mother taught him when he was a young boy. His mother taught him that money wasn’t the path to happiness but rather finding a job and doing what you love was the true goal as a career in life. She taught him that money comes with time and to not look for jobs based on how much money it brings in.

When Gary isn’t in his shop or teaching martial arts he tries to get out on the water. Gary is an avid fisherman and loves to go crabbing on the Chesapeake with his family. Gary is married to Danyelle Berger and together they have two sons named Bryce and Tristan.

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