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The Metal Sculpture Studio has been developing abstract and contemporary metal art for generations. Founded by Ray Berger in 1972, his legacy as a metal sculptor and traveling artist lives on with his son Gary Berger, who he taught how to weld at the age of 4 and was instrumental in assisting, designing, and fabricating many of his father’s metal art designs. Today, The Metal Sculpture Studio continues to make mesmerizing high quality metal art pieces with an impeccable attention to detail and care that continues to distinguish their work from other metal sculptors.

If you have questions or special requests please feel free to contact us directly at 410-908-5425.

Recent Posts

  • The Odyssey
    The Odyssey

    The Odyssey was a Ray Berger original abstract metal wall art design that he sold hundreds of in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was typical of his modular type pieces that could be arranged in countless configurations to satisfy any wall space dimension. My father left no…

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  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings

    It’s been about two years since my father, Raymond Berger, passed away. It’s been a lot of work fixing up and organizing my father’;s shop and preparing to begin my own journey into pursuing metal sculpture as my new occupation. While I have been doing metal sculpture my whole…

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