Kaleidoscope – Metal Art for Wall – 4 Part


Kaleidoscope – 4 Par

Chrome, Stainless Steel & Dark Chrome
33.5″W x 37″H x 3 3/4″D


Kaleidoscope – Metal Art for Wall – 4 Part

Enhance the look and feel of your wall space with The Kaleidoscope, an abstract piece of contemporary metal wall art. This hand made design sings with vitality and color and will add undeniably modern style to your home or office.

If you’re looking for a piece that stands out and catches attention, while remaining tasteful and elegant, The Kaleidoscope is the perfect piece. It reflects any source of light and will evolve as conditions change. You can even combine the Small and Large modular units to create larger designs that can accommodate any sized wall space and can be arranged in a multitude of different configurations (e.g. vertical, horizontal, diagonal etc.).

Best of all, no cleaning or maintenance is required other than an occasional dusting. Each of its brilliant metal surfaces is finished with a clear enamel coat to ensure it will never tarnish, rust or change color.

This is an ultra modern modular design that was modeled after one of Raymond Berger’s popular designs that he called “Kaleidoscope”.  The artist, Gary Berger, has redesigned it using more modern materials and manufacturing processes. The result is an updated look and a better engineered product.

The Kaleidoscope is a contemporary modular metal art design that incorporates angled reflective plates that are displayed on vertical rods. This piece can be viewed from any location in the room and changes in appearance depending on the light that it is given.

The design presented in the main photo is a 4 part that includes 4 smaller units each with a slightly different color scheme (e.g. chrome & stainless, chrome with dark accents, brass, copper, multi colors etc.)  for presentation purposes. We suggest choosing one color scheme rather than a blend but it’s completely up to the customer.

The materials used in the Kaleidoscope typically include polished copper, polished brass, chrome, stainless steel, natural copper & natural brass. Each unit can be purchased individually but we offer a discount for modular configurations (e.g. 3 part, 4 part and 6 part). When ordering please specify a color theme if desired otherwise our default color scheme will resemble the modern chrome and dark accents theme.

The Kaleidoscope modular design exemplifies Raymond Berger’s engineering skills as it is made to exacting specifications. Each component is meticulously measured and fabricated by hand sparing no shortcuts. The Kaleidoscope is a fine work of art that is unrivaled in the metal sculpture industry.

No cleaning or maintenance required except for an occasional dusting. All surfaces have either an enamel finish or have been sprayed with polyurethane so that the surfaces will never tarnish, rust or change color.

Check out this Blog Article about the Kaleidoscope and some behind the scene looks at how it is made.

4 Part Kaleidoscope (as shown)
33.5″W x 37″H x 3 3/4″D
9 lbs.

Each Individual Unit
8”W x 27”H x 3 3/4”D
2.25 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 28 × 5 in
Color & Materials

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