Family Tree – Large Metal Sculpture for Wall – Ray Berger


Super Divy Tree – Brass Leaves / Classic Trunk
Brass, Copper and Steel
61”W x 55″H x 2“D


Family Tree

Family Tree – Brass Leaves & Classic Trunk

This classic tree sculpture was one of my father’s favorite wall designs and we still make it today. The tree in this picture came from his house and now hangs prominently as the centerpiece in my family’s living room.

The Super Divy in this photo is special because the trunk is made out of flame cut steel with melted brass that has been built up by hand and torch to create a special texture. That texture is then treated and hand polished to create the shinny effect. This difficult and labor intensive process was abandoned by Raymond Berger circa 2005 when he began using polished brass overlays on his trunks.

The Super Divy Tree is available in both classic trunk and new style. The brass overlay new style of trunk can be seen in other divy and tree designs like the Garbonzo Tree and Kali Tree and is available for $150 less. Please call 410-908-5425 for this special order.

The Super Divy Tree is a timeless piece of art that elegant and brings life and vibrance to any room. The brass leaves take on whatever light you give them and will dazzle you and your guests for many years. This tree can be made with multi colored metals per request.

61”W x 55″H x 2“D

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 55 × 2 in


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