Kali – Metal Tree Art for Wall – Ray Berger


Kali Tree – Single
Brass, Copper, Chrome and Steel
32”W x 34”H x 3”D


Kali Tree

Kali – Small Contemporary Metal Tree for Wall – Ray Berger

A very popular design that began the line of Kali Trees by Ray Berger. Plates are hand cut of materials like polished copper, polished brass, chrome, brushed steel, natural copper & natural brass.  Interesting effects have been created using heat, a 10 ton hydraulic press and other unique methods. Trunk is made of 1/8” plate steel with oxidized and polished brass overlay. This design will pick up the slightest light in the room. No cleaning or maintenance required except for an occasional dusting. All surfaces have either an enamel finish or have been sprayed with polyurethane so that the surfaces will never tarnish, rust or change color. The single Kali Tree is also available is a large and super large size.

We have two Ray Berger’s original Kali Trees still available.

32”W x 34”H x 3”D

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 34 × 3 in


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