Dogwood Branch – Large Metal Sculpture for Wall – Ray Berger


Dogwood Branch – Classic Large Metal Tree
Brass & Copper
56”W x 52”H x 3“D


Dogwood Classic

Dogwood Branch – Classic Metal Sculpture

The Super Dogwood Branch is another one of Ray Berger’s classic metal sculpture wall designs.

An older version of this branch hung in my father’s bedroom for many years. The brass leaves of this branch are brass & the trunk is made of copper sheet metal that has been annealed, rolled and tapered. Tapering and curving the branches is a very time consuming process because every 1/2 inch a cut must be made and then brazed otherwise the tubes wouldn’t look right.

Ray Berger took no shortcuts in making this tree. It is a labor intensive piece that requires at least 8-12 weeks to make and deliver. We also offer a small Dogwood Branch Spacer and individual copper butterflies (all sold separately) that can enhance and add to this design filling a wall of any size.

56”W x 52”H x 3“D

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 52 × 3 in


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