Bonsai – Metal Tree Sculpture for Wall – Gary Berger


Bonsai Tree
Brass & Copper
20″W x 20″H x 2″D


Bonsai Tree

Bonsai – Metal Tree – Gary Berger

The Bonsai Tree was my design from beginning to end. I was a young man around the age of 25 working for my father at the shop. My father had been away on an art show and I was not given permission to invent or create – just work on basic things. I made this tree without my father’s permission and in the end I was not in trouble for my father liked the design and decided to incorporate it into his design lineup.

I introduced a way of texturing metal at my father’s shop by simply pouring molten brass onto a hard surface from a height to create an interesting array of brass splotches. The trunk was hammered out of natural copper. I took out several books from the library looking for pictures of bonsai trees. This tree was a culmination of all the best qualities that I could find for no one tree looked like this one.

My father liked the design and tried replicating it. He deviated from the design by making the trunk out of a brass mold that IMO was too heavy. I guess that there are about a dozen bonzai replicas in existence but none quite like the one shown in this photo and like the one you’ll get if you order this piece.

20″W x 20″H x 2″D

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Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 in


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